Press Release: Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape – A Year of Innovation and Growth

The REEFLEX Horizon project, a collaborative endeavour involving 27 partners from various countries, celebrates its first-year milestone in January 2024. Launched in January 2023, the project is dedicated to developing practical solutions and services that empower energy consumers to actively participate in demand side flexibility (DSF) markets.

Reeflex illustration

The primary aim of the REEFLEX project is to create an interoperable platform, acting as an energy marketplace that connects stakeholders across the cross-sector energy system. This platform makes flexibility markets accessible at local, national, and European levels, offering customised interactions and services to meet the diverse energy needs of consumers.

Building Strong Foundations

In the past year, the project has achieved significant milestones, particularly in tasks related to measuring performance and establishing robust privacy and cybersecurity frameworks. While some tasks, such as documenting equipment needs and use cases, are still in progress, completion is anticipated by April 2024. This period of foundational work sets the stage for the next phase of the project.

REEFLE Visual Identity

The project consortium has not only built a strong foundation but has also demonstrated remarkable unity through successful project meetings. General Assembly meetings occurred in Cyprus on June 28th – 29th, 2023, and in Turin on November 21st – 22nd, 2023, showcased collaborative efforts and set the tone for the project’s success.

Transforming Energy Management

The consortium has been actively working on standardizing communication protocols among various devices, ensuring seamless integration with the REEFLEX central platform. Additionally, efforts to repurpose second-life batteries for flexible energy storage units underscore our commitment to sustainability and adaptability. Tasks dedicated to developing algorithms for optimising microgrid management and identifying flexibility potential in assets are also well underway.

Core Data Platform Development

The focus on delivering the core Data Platform has progressed significantly. By understanding end-user needs and industry standards, we’ve designed an intelligent data system that supports optimization functions performed by Energy Service Providers.

Preparing for Deployment

While the official commencement is set for the near future, the preparatory work is in full swing. Equipment surveys in pilot sites, installation planning, and defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are currently underway. This preparation sets the stage for a coordinated implementation process as the project transitions into its next phase.

Next Steps: Welcoming New Milestones

As the project moves forward, the project will see the continuation of existing tasks and efforts into the new period. Additionally, two new work packages (WP5 “Energy services and interaction with flexibility markets” and WP7 “Guarantees for maximum replication and business models”) will begin operations. These new initiatives will further enhance capabilities in energy services, flexibility market interaction, and the development of robust business models.

As the REEFLEX project reflects on the past year, remarkable progress has been made, laying a solid foundation for the development and deployment of innovative solutions that will shape the future of energy management.