REEFLEX is EU Horizon project which aims to generate niches of opportunities for new cross-sector energy services provided by SMEs and start-ups in demand side flexibility markets and to increase participation of energy consumers in demand side flexibility markets. By developing an interoperability platform and service catalogue, the project aims to maximize the flexibility of distributed energy resources while taking into account different end user profiles and infrastructure limitations. The project also plans to generate a common operation market model using AI-driven intelligence services and automation systems, along with distributed ledger technologies to enhance transparency and trust. This will help to reduce market entry barriers and costs, and encourage greater participation from energy consumers. With the ability to earn new revenues from data and flexibility transactions, consumers will also benefit from innovative, personalized, and data-driven services that enable smart, human-centric control of their assets for demand response or self-consumption.

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Flexing Futures: REEFLEX’s Energy Revolution with Exploitable Results

In the dynamic energy landscape, the ongoing REEFLEX project offers a range of exploitable outcomes poised to redefine industry standards.  These Exploitable Results (ERs) offer a spectrum of possibilities, from cutting-edge technologies to streamlined processes and interconnected networks, aimed at enhancing engagement with demand-side flexibility markets. In this article, we explore the diverse outcomes of REEFLEX, […]