The urban district of Via Motta in Massagno, nearby Lugano in southern Switzerland, includes a variety of prosumer characteristics such as residential buildings, offices, warehouses, and an elderly care home. All the prosumers belong to the AEM distribution network (local DSO), served by a 400 kVA substation.

The pilot site is leveraging the existing smart metering infrastructure, which is completely deployed and operative in the AEM’s grid. The smart meters are equipped for each user in the energy community and communicate production and consumption data every 15 minutes to AEM’s central servers and have 2 years of historical data.

A V2G-enabled charging station, managed by AEM, will be integrative part of the pilot site and will be used to optimize the self-consumption of the energy community, as well as flexibility service.ev_charger

Urban district consists of several multi-storey buildings and single houses. The district also includes a large office building (with an engineering and a legal office), a warehouse, plus an elderly care home with 60 single-bed rooms and approximately 94 workers. Within the urban district, there is a PV plant with a total installed capacity of 60 kWp on the roof of the local elderly care home. A V2G-ready EV charging column (DC, 11 kW) together with a car-sharing vehicle is also part of the community and can be used both as flexibility and as a storage solution.


  • Spain

    The Spanish demonstrator is located in Zaragoza and its surroundings (Aragon region, in the North-East of Spain). Aragon is characterised by a large population concentrated in its capital city, which, together with the large number of industrial and service companies, generates a great area of energy consumption. The rest of the region has a very dispersed population (rural area) and a large number of renewable generation plants. To facilitate the integration of these renewable sources, it is proposed that all types of energy consumers and prosumers are incorporated into flexible markets, which is why the Spanish demonstrator consists of residential, office and industrial buildings, covering the main types of consumers in the area.

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  • Greece

    The Greek demo-site is located in the city centre of Thessaloniki and is composed of a set of 50 residential buildings, 3 energy retail stores and one large commercial facility managed by WVT as utility company together with INNO as energy efficiency services provider. Therefore, the whole demonstration area will represent a common EU neighbourhood and will aim at obtaining real experiences on how EU citizens can participate in and facilitate the deployment of flexibility services supporting the grid operators.

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  • Bulgaria

    Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital, the largest Bulgarian city, and the 13th largest city in the European Union. It hosts some 1.24 million residents within a territory of 492 km2, a concentration of 17.9% of the country population within the 200th percentile of the country territory. Sofia is the economic hub of Bulgaria.

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