Lisbon, Portugal

Key Partners

Lead: SEL

Main Solutions

Demand Side Management Strategies
NILM Algorithms
Innovative Assets Testing/ Integration





The demonstration in Portugal is taking place in the region of Lisbon, with several different user/prosumer profiles which are comprised in offices and residential energy profiles. SELs Living Energy Lab is scattered around different areas in Lisbon, amplifying the range of energy needs for different energy demand areas, resulting in different energy needs and thus requiring more flexibility from the deployed energy assets.

SELs approach to the residential sector counts with almost 60 residential buildings, representing 60 households in the Portuguese territory, reaching more than 120 energy users. With focus on residential, educational, or services applications, the LE participants are able to analyse their global energy consumption, energy production, detailed energy consumption by time slot and type of appliance as well as record the temperature and humidity in their household.


Innovations and Technological Advances

Develop strategies for managing energy demand, including using distributed energy resources (DERs) like solar panels for both generation and flexibility. Currently evaluating incorporating DERs for storage into SELs Living Energy Lab for the REEFLEX project. Implemented through cloud computing on the REEFLEX platform, utilising edge computing via existing gateways. Further refinement is needed for communication with the central platform in other areas.

The Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) algorithms designed for residential/commercial/industrial environments will enable the disaggregation of energy demands without the need for individual monitoring devices, thereby enhancing operational optimisation and cost reduction in real-time.

It is programmed that SELs Living Energy Lab will test innovative assets such EV chargers, Heat Pumps, PV, electrical boiler to achieve advanced flexibility levels. Integrating batteries into the Living Energy Lab portfolio could demonstrate the potential of energy communities promoting green technologies. Optimise the operation of the different portfolio of flexible technologies on multiple short-term markets in a European electricity market design, including short-term local flexibility markets (LFM), balancing, day-ahead and intraday markets. This allows to evaluate a wide range of business models with the REEFLEX technologies in the context of energy aggregation

Smart appliances and monitoring devices are already monitoring and streaming data to SELs' backend, from residences and SEL offices, facilitating integration with the Reeflex platform. To increase the flexibility range of application, retrofitting can be considered. Improved data availability, including data from residential Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) algorithms, will enable: 1. Identifying potential flexibility from various DER. 2. Predicting maintenance needs for energy assets.

The optimisation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging explores how EV charging stations and available EV fleets can serve as significant assets in the flexibility market. By testing REEFLEX innovations, the project aims to demonstrate the potential for EV infrastructure to participate effectively in flexibility markets.

Contact Information

Demo Site Leader: Diogo Cabral, diogo.cabral@smartenergylab.pt


  • Denmark

    Holbæk Municipality is a local government situated 60 km west of Copenhagen, in Zealand. Holbæk Municipality covers 578 square kilometers, has 72,000 inhabitants, and employs 4,500 persons. This replicator will involve between 10,000 and 15,000 consumers. These are mostly private consumers, owners of electric cars and Holbæk Municipality’s own electric cars. It aims to establish approximately 150 charging stations in Holbæk Municipality area and all necessary activities will be carried out to have the electricity grid installed, started, and put in operation. The internal unit “Green Transition and Sustainability” of Holbæk Municipality will be responsible for the coordination of this REEFLEX site and will internally act in a close cooperation with citizens, utilities, and associations for this replicator. The Municipality will await the 4 lighthouse demos in the project, and which must be reconciled with the planned roll-out of charging stations in Holbæk Municipality.

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  • Türkiye

    TEMSA is one of the world’s leading bus and midibus manufacturer with offices across the world. For replication of REEFLEX solutions, TEMSA will provide their installations located in their Adana plant in Türkiye. This R&D centre covers a total area of 9,500 m2 and counts with a 4,500 m2 office building used by over 175 employees daily. An installation of PV system with a total power of 860 kW is already scheduled by the company in parallel to the execution REEFLEX project.

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